My name is Dani Amsalem,
I'm a web developer and I create

static websites

WordPress websites

web projects

Recent Web Projects

Vasper Systems - In Progress

  • Custom WordPress theme based on XD files.
  • CSS Grid and Flexbox implementation across the site.
  • Custom Slick Slider JS library for added functionality.
Vew Screenshot of Home Vew Screenshot of Research

Victory Martial Arts

  • Custom WordPress theme based on XD files.
  • Most text and images across the site are editable in WordPress CMS.
  • Reverse-engineered existing online architecture and rebuilt it using modular components.
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  • Extra large, custom WordPress theme based on Sketch and XD files.
  • Custom events template for yearly Gala complete with fully CMSed components only visible if provided
  • Lity Lightbox and Slick Slider JS libraries for added functionality.
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Courtyard Farm

  • Developed a custom WordPress theme based on Sketch files.
  • CMSed all major text and images for easy editing.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design.
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Alvarez & Marsal Property Investments

  • Hardcoded portfolio template for real estate holding company.
  • Template is designed so elements only take up space if content is provided in WordPress CMS.
  • 6 micro-sites for each property designed in WordPress.
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  • Constructed using Wordpress Divi.
  • The first Bitcoin and blockchain dictionary.
  • Contains hundreds and hundreds of entries.
  • Frequently mentioned by social media influencers.
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Catch Of The Day

  • A real-time web app built with React implementing State and Props.
  • Includes authentication, web sockets, URL routing, and global variables.
  • Source code available here.
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Tile Plus

  • An early project constructed using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Strong focus on user-friendly design and lead-generation funnels.
  • See original site on Internet archive or on a screenshot.
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  • A WordPress website designed and built using Divi.
  • Designed to educate visitors and direct them to CTAs.
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RealtyMX Home Page Mockup

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Mancini Shenk Home Page

  • WordPress home page template constructed using HTML and with Bootstrap being used for nearly all styling.
  • All text and most images can be replaced using WordPress CMS.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design.
  • Request from client was only for home page.
  • Source code available here.
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Other Projects (Python, JS, and C#)

Sudoku Solver

30 Day JavaScript Challenge

Full Stack Internship

  • Web app to manage employee hours and vacation time.
  • Involves approximately 200,000 data points per year.
  • Built with C#, .NET, and Entity Framework.
  • Source code available here.

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About Dani


While I specialize in HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, and WordPress, I am constantly studying and practicing to grow my skills.

I have completed many free and paid online courses in subjects such as CSS, Python, Vanilla JS, ReactJS, and cybersecurity. Most nights, I will dig into a book or course so I can expand my skillset and developer tools.

I have Object Oriented Programming experience using C# (including .NET, ASP.NET, and Entity Framework). But if I were to do further OOP, I would likely use JS.

I have design experience wireframing, editing, and illustrating with a variety of tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Sketchup: 3D Modeling and various other tools.

I have operational and managerial experience, which began with two years of establishing and managing a remote call center. Immediately following that, I spent several seasons overseeing stud welding crews in oil refineries across North America. Later, I supervised several online e-commere brands and their teams. Finally, I was the hiring manager at a tech startup and streamlined their onboarding process.


Top 100 Blockchain Influencer

Upfolio recognized me in 2018 for co-hosting the Crypto101 Podcast and for Decryptionary.

Successful Author

Articles are top-ranking items in Google's search results with hundreds of daily views.

Co-authored Johnny's Guide to Cryptocurrency

Contributed to the story and defined/illustrated all of the terms.

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